From Manchester to Vitoria, building dialogues between creations and the public, with hairdressing as a wind of change. ETERNIAN Difference & Specialisation.

A career spanned for more than 40 years, where evolution and professional growth have been the trademarks. Our philosophy is shared both for our own saloons and a number of associated ones widespread through Vitoria, Bilbao and Vigo.
From our I+I+I+D (INVESTIGATION, INNOVACTION, IMPLEMENTATION Y DEVELOPMENT) studio, we work in a customer-facing environment.
We develop professional-oriented exclusive educational processes, and we work for a variety of brands as creative and stylism managers on one hand, and for the hairdressing field by organising events, conferences and trainings, on the other hand.
Our creations have been shown on fashion magazines, journals, cinema, theatre plays and TV. We have been chosen as official hairdressers in a number of national an international events such as the Vitoria Fashion Show and the FesTVal (TV and Radio Festival).



Generate working spaces where the clients can feel the difference, always using a professional language and looking for the best ways to enhance beauty; advising, understanding and exhaustively selecting the best professionals, brands and working methods.





  • Our very own and different system, including saloons that specialise in beauty and hairdressin, places us as a model in our field.
  • We support and active communication with our customer base, respecting their objectives and feeding their expectations related to every concerning their current and future beauty.
  • Our associated saloons are independent, but they all base on, defend and broadcast our principles.
  • Great professionals have learnt and grown with us. We don’t look for and select just the best professionals, but the best human beings too.
  • These principles are constantly transmitted in a professional and innovative way through our professionalisation training centre.
  • We base our growth on a sustainable model and we respect our competition by understanding and spreading our professional links.
  • We collaborate and work together with a wide variety of charity organisations in order to share our abilities and knowledge with the people who need them most.